About the Electric Loft Ladder Company

The Electric Loft Ladder Company are the only designer and manufacturer of handcrafted electric loft ladders and stairways in the UK, and one of a few worldwide.

We are now in our thirteenth year designing and building Electric Loft Products. During this time, as part of S&T Joinery Ltd, The Electric Loft Ladder Company has supplied these finely crafted electric loft ladders and stairways to individuals and businesses.
Based in West Sussex, we aim to replicate the ideals and aims of a long tradition of local designers and artisans by creating products of outstanding beauty combined with the essence of ultimate practicality.
We never cease to be amazed by the uses that our customers find for our products. Our electric loft ladders and folding stairways are made to order from selected sustainable hardwoods, normally Ash & Beech, and are made in our Sussex workshop based in the UK.


We have a passion for great design and engineering. We believe that design excellence is vital to the longevity of our products, and that well-designed product should function seamlessly as well as look amazing.

We are passionate about creating loft ladders and stairways that have both the ‘WOW’ factor and will work safely and reliably for years to come.


We focus on quality local and UK based manufacturing. The scope of modern production enables the use of timeless and traditional techniques to reach new realms, culminating in unique products, completed to the highest standard.

All of our loft ladders and folding stairways are hand built to the highest standard with sustainable hardwoods. We use modern machinery combined with traditional techniques.


Great service is paramount to delivering what we regard as the best loft ladders available.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable and are available to talk through each stage with our clients. We are able to tailor every intricacy of each unit to suit your individual needs.
Safety and reliability of our loft ladders has always been our priority. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Made by craftsmen at our workshop in the United KingdomWest Sussex, from beech, ash or other selected hardwoods, our wooden electric loft ladders are made to order but still come at an affordable price.



The Electric Loft Ladder Company is the UK’s only electric loft ladder manufacturer and has been making bespoke/made to order electric loft ladders and stairways for over 10 years.
We do not compromise and offer unparalleled commitment to

quality and longevity.

By speaking with us at the design stage of your project we can ensure that you get the best solution for your access issues.


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